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How To Make (Serious) Change In Your Life

I was on the phone with my mom the other day, telling her about certain habits I had adopted and how easy it had been to make change. How I live healthier than I used to, work smarter than I used to, and certainly feel a lot better than I used to.   

This conversation really reminded me how easy changes can be once you’re motivated to make them. Like once you know exactly why it’s important to you, and what to do moving forward.

Today I want to talk about the process of making those changes. What you can do to prepare yourself, and how you can avoid losing momentum as you’re trying to improve your life.  



The Key To Self-Improvement

So you’ve decided you’re going to make an improvement: Learn a new skill, get in shape, create better habits..etc

That’s great.

Listen, I want you to make this happen. And I also want this to be no longer and more frustrating than it needs to be. With the right attitude, you will save yourself a ton of time when trying to make an improvement in your life. 

So if you tend to value yourself based on your accomplishments, this could be an important insight for you to have.  



Why It’s Important To Enjoy Little Things

Having a good meal, talking to close friend, or just being able to enjoy a sunny day, all of those experiences are arguably small in their individual impact on our lives. I will make the case that these “small” pleasures are still important to pay attention to. Not because they are small or because they make us feel good. I want to talk about the act itself. To enjoy positive experiences, however small. Acknowledging them, and actively appreciating them.

I want to talk about the science of how doing this builds up our inner strengths.



Why Making Lifestyle Changes Is So Hard

If you have ever made resolutions to tweak your lifestyle, you probably found that, a few weeks (or maybe days) later, you were right back where you started. Feeling inspired has the potential to change your life, but the doing part is often where it gets tricky. I want to talk about the psychology behind that and share some insights on how you can push yourself through.



The 5 Most Common Regrets of The Dying

If anything can make us think about the way we live, it’s certainly reflecting on the way we’ll die. It’s not a glamourous discussion, but undoubtedly an important one. Bronnie Ware used to be a palliative nurse, caring for people who had between 3 and 12 weeks left to live. In her book of the same name (The Top Five Regrets of The Dying) she shares the most common regrets these people had. In this piece I want to focus on the preconceived ideas that lead to those regrets, so that you and I can bring more consciousness in the way we chose to live, and hopefully avoid the pain of having huge regrets when there’s no time left.



Why Daydreaming is Actually Good For You

Any person who works on their own times knows about the productivity killer named day-dreaming. You’re writing, crafting, training, learning, and slowly start drifting away and into a thought or feeling. It happens, and I want to share some new insights I’ve gathered that reveal that contrary to popular belief, day-dreaming may actually help you when it comes to learning or solving problems.