You might be someone who’s into self-improvement, you like the idea of being in great shape, building a interesting character, a bright reputation, a deep set of skills, an awesome lifestyle.¬†

Or perhaps you’re someone who’s come face-to-face with your limitations in some way. And now you realize you could gain a lot from changing just a few things about the way you think and act.¬†

No matter where you stand: Building yourself up as a person is one of the hardest things you can do because there’s no book or course or even person who can teach you how to become a “better” person, or live a “better” life.

Those concepts don’t really have much meaning outside the context of your own subjective experience. ¬†

What you need is of course someone who will listen to you, understand where you’re coming from, asses your unique situation, and then help you find the solutions that will help you forge the character and lifestyle that you want.¬†

My role a coach is to help you identify those areas of personal growth and support you through the process you decide to take on.  

So what I provide is¬†clarity, and accountability: What do you want, why is that important, how would you know you had it, what are some ways you could begin to achieve this, how would you fully commit to this?…etc

This is the kind of support that allows you to very easily make thoughtful decisions, solid plans, and only efficient moves as a result.

You and I working together means no more thumb twiddling, pacing,¬†and worrying about how to do these things you’ve wanted to do for yourself. ¬†¬†


Now, there’s coaches and Coaches..


I graduated from Erickson Coaching International’s Art & Science of Coaching¬†training program. Erickson Coaching International is a pioneer in life coach training and leadership development¬†since 1980, with over 40,000 graduates in 27¬†countries.

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That’s the kind of thing you have to look for when it comes to coaching, because that’s when you know you’re getting quality service from someone who knows what they are doing to you.¬†

This of course is extremely important.

Anything else can be quite dangerous, especially seeing how the term “coach” can technically be used by anybody.

Look, anybody can pick up a pair of scissors and be your personal hairstylist. But you wouldn’t offer your scalp to a friend who was untrained (even one you trusted), or even a person who was an expert in something else (like make-up).

You’d want an expert hairstylist.¬†

Someone who knows what it means to style hair. Someone who’s been taught, mentored, and certified professionally.

For obvious reasons.

Same principle with coaching. You can find the bootleg version and pay the added emotional cost, or you can spare yourself the tension of not knowing.

If you’re going to make a sizable investment in yourself, you want to do it with the confidence that you’ll be in expert hands.


¬†It’s not about¬†good feelings, cheer-leading, positive thinking or other “woo-woos”


This relationship¬†isn’t about producing validation and good feelings. It’s about producing results. Tangible results, that you can tell your friends about and say: “It turned out to be one of the best choices I’ve ever made.”

And what if it did turn out that way? 

What would the outcome look like?

And is that worth the investment in time and resources?   


Get in touch with your  intelligence.

personal coaching

They say the first step towards change is awareness.

-Break through confusion

-Overcome feeling stuck

-Regain inspiration

Follow through with determined action.

alex mombo coaching

You can’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one.

-Beat inertia

-Break your current bad habits

-Experience success



Finally make lasting change.


There’s many pitfalls between where you are and where you see yourself, life itself may be the biggest.

-Never lose sight of what you have to do next

-Eliminate any risk of relapsing

-Also ideal for dealing with periods of transition


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